3D mobile phone glass will be a trend, in the next two years could not produce the enterprise will not profit?

Beijing time on June 23, the protection of the touch screen glass, and called the protection cover, to protect the display screen and touch panel. In order to adapt different design requirements of smartphones, protect glass has a different shape. Protection glass is usually located at the top of the display and a touch panel, and then according to protect the glass shape can be divided into 2 D, 2.5 D and 3 D, etc. As smartphone manufacturers more and more competition in terms of appearance and fashion design, comfortable grip and sensitive touch response more and more important, it also encourages the touch panel makers to develop better protection glass shape.

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Survey in 2016 for mobile phone 3 d protection glass shipments is expected to rise to 49 million, or 3.1% of the total mobile phone use protection glass market. IHS predicted the shipments will soar by 103.9% in 2017, 100 million pieces the size of the share by 5.6%; Continue to grow by 63.8% in 2018 to 163 million scale, share of 7.9%.

IHS analysis of 3 d protection glass demand rapid growth for the following reasons:

Samsung electronics (SamsungElectronics) has flexible On - cellAMOLED (organic light emitting diode) touch panel is used for its flagship smartphone SamsungGalaxyS series and GalaxyNote series.

Samsung display (SamsungDisplay) in order to expand On - cellAMOLED touch panel market, in addition to samsung electronics, began to vivo, huawei, Oppo smartphone manufacturers such as supply and millet flexible On - cellAMOLED touch panel.

Mobile phone manufacturer to product differentiation, the use of 3 d glass instead of metal or plastic back cover protection.

A variety of wireless technologies, such as wireless charging, near field communication (NFC) and multiband support has been used in mobile phones. Compared with the metal, the radio waves easily through the glass, thus gradually become the choice of mobile phone back cover glass.

Apple is likely to be using the flexible in its 2017 years of the new iPhone On - cellAMOLED display, this will drive the demand of the 3 d glass protection.

With safety glass in the mobile market output value of 2016 mobile phone with 3 d protection glass market output value is expected to total $475 million, up to 13.3%. In 2017, the proportion is expected to rise to 22.6%; 2018 will be more than 2 d protection glass, the share of 29.5%.

It is interesting to note that as the market is saturated and fierce competition, the output value of the touch panel market is in a state of stagnation or decrease, protect glass market value, however, because of 2. 5 d and 3 d protection glass used proportion increase, is expected to grow by 0.1% between 2016 and 2018, respectively, of 5.9% and 11. 1%. At the same time, although 2 d protect glass shipments are still remain high, but its profit will decrease gradually.

And 3 d cover to protect the glass before, because of the 3 d back cover to protect the glass can be used for the flexible display, so it is expected to be more prominent. IHS predicted that most of them adopt 3 D smartphone protection glass, probably use cover to protect the glass before 2.5 D and 3 D back cover to protect the glass mixed mode.

In addition, if apple using the flexible On 2017 - cellAMOLED display, then the cover of a 3 d protection glass market will expand significantly. At that time, because of the price of 2 D and 2.5 D market competition will be more fierce, unable to produce 3 D protect glass manufacturers will find it hard to profit.

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