High-end commercial fermentation COB light source to meet according to market opportunities

With ever increasing the efficiency of LED products, plus color tolerance (SDCM) control ability and significantly improve color, light quality demanding high-end commercial lighting market is gradually in the fermentation.

High order first to lighting, commercial lighting market used in museum, art museum exhibition space in the market, mainly in tube lamp, projection lamp with reflector lamp is given priority to.

2016 that is commonly used in high-end business according to the tube light, Downlight and projection lamp and reflector lamp (Par & Rs.) the size of the market for $1.879 billion and $1.538 billion respectively, is expected in 2017, canister light and reflected light (Downlight) and projection (Par & Rs.) in 2017 at $2.013 billion and $1.592 billion respectively.

Track light product features in addition to optical design, product ID design, with DALI dimming system

Optical design: the COB or high power LED. COB is mainly through the secondary optical reflection cup, LED mainly by optical lenses and other optical lens shape of different type of light. Simple divided into spot (narrow Angle), flood (wide), Washer (the wall) SanZhu categories.

Product color temperature: 2700 k, 3000 k, 4000 k color temperature mainly products, used in museum and art gallery; If need to move light, the majority of collocation DALI dimming system.

Power supply design: general track lamp ballast is depends on the wattage and light body structure design. Usually small wattage lamp ballast can be combined in the design of the lamp body, if the wattage of ballast, usually placed in the ballast Box (Gear Box).

Product life: 70% under lumens maintaining rate can reach 50000 hours.

COB and DOB imported high-end commercial lighting market

In 2016, according to data, global high-end commercial lighting market, at the most widely used of the canister light and shoot the light, there are 40% and 75% respectively use the COB light source (calculated by the number of lamps and lanterns, mainly the following power 30 w COB), with 11% and 11% respectively after the compound growth rate of growth.

How the luminous efficiency and achieve a balance between the quality of light, the LED lighting application performance of energy efficiency, as a new consider LED lighting

IES TM - 30 to 15 TM - 30 of Rf index has been elected to the TC 1-90 program, and in 2016 will be completed by the end of the TC - 90 and TC 1-91 the two technical report of the technical committee.

At the same time, the DLC 4.0 will be launched in 2016, six months, lighting package manufacturer actively improve product specifications to meet the challenge.

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