TI provides power management laboratory suite series power engineer

Teaching tools to help current and future engineers have special knowledge of the power of real use environment

(June 22, 2016, Beijing) Texas instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) launch TI power management laboratory suite (TI - PMLK) series, for engineering students and industry experts close the gap between the power supply principle and practical application. The suite is the first for the college education and professional development to build a new power management training kit.

All electronic systems need a power solutions. The power demand growth means that the power supply of highly skilled engineers will also usher in a surge in demand. TI provides a series of laboratory suite to satisfy the needs of this aspect, the laboratory suite with systematic reasoning and demonstration of the power management study provides practical experience.

TI - PMLK is a comprehensive, easy to use and versatile tool, to help build a simple and quick learning environment, so that the students can be obtained in laboratory practice learning experience applied to their power solutions design. Each laboratory suite includes an evaluation board and a laboratory experiment handbook, which contains the main power converter topology, principle, case studies and a set of unique test set, in order to quickly understand what we need in actual application of the power supply. TI - PMLK series include the power of the most common in the industry solution: step-down type, linear regulators (they), booster and upcoming buck - boost.

"- from the edge of our body every thing - is becoming more and more intelligent thermostat to cars, with more and more high degree of networking, also must meet the requirements of lower power consumption. The industry needs engineers understand and be able to design efficient electrical source system." TI education technology, says Dr Peter Balyta President "TI - PMLK are designed in view of the practical learning, strengthens the undergraduate engineering courses in the professor's power principle, and apply power supply design knowledge to real life."

Series circuit boards and experiment can help strengthen more than the basic theory of electrical engineering course, at the same time is also used in training industry experts, to help them in the design of the power of the wise decision. TI - PMLK can be implemented by means of modularization teaching system, to meet the needs of the course or academic, industry engineering design will also be training becomes more convenient, in order to solve the application of specific challenges.

"TI - PMLK allow users to customize learning experience, and at the same time for them to bring the biggest impact a general understanding of the power supply design," a member of TI - PMLK creator and production, and at the same time the Italian salai university teachers' Nicola Femia said.

TI - PMLK aims to make every one now and the future engineers are needed to solve the problem of the power of real use environment knowledge, and to provide innovative solutions, to achieve the continuous development of technology.

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